5 Giving Opportunities – Think Outside the Box!

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One thing that I love about the Thrifty NW Mom community (and often times coupon communities in general) is your desire to not only save more – but also to give more. There are so may opportunities to give these days, even on a tight budget. I thought it would be fun to share just a few ways to give, even if you are going through financially difficult times yourself. These are not meant to replace giving in your local families, communities, churches, etc. but are yet more ways to give!

1) Play Free Rice, and for every answer you get correct 10 grains of rice will be donated to feed hungry people around the world through the World Food Programme

2) Use Good Search as your search engine, and for each search you do a penny will be donated to a non-profit or school.

3) Help stop diseases like Cholera with your free samples through Clean the World! Grab all of those free soap and shampoo samples you can. Then get together your friends, family, church and other couponers to do the same. You are now running your own soap drive, and you can send the soap and shampoos you have collected to Clean the World, who will use them to help fight diseases in areas of the world that does not have soap readily available for many people. You can turn your free soap and shampoo samples into life saving agents, fighting diseases like Cholera etc! (they even have downloadable kits to help support your soap drive)

4) Take the We Feed Back Challenge. Calculate the cost of one of your favorite foods, and then challenge yourself to skip that food this month and donate it to feed kids around the world. For example, we like to buy the $5 Papa Murphys Cheese Pizza Fave from time to time. When I calculated that item here, I found out that if I skipped my next cheese pizza and instead gave that I could feed 20 kids. My kids gladly gave up their pizza to do that, and we ate what was in the cupboard instead. We are then able to easily donate that money via paypal!!! Get your kids involved in the process (have them pick the food they want to give up each month, to give them ownership in the process).

5) Use We Give Books to read your child a book, and give another child a book! If you create a free account with them you can read your child books online, and then they will donate a book to a child in need via their charity partners. You can also make a $5 donation, to get 2 more books to charity foundations. The program is run through the Pearson Foundation. 

What are some of your favorite ways to continue to give, even when your budgets get tight?